Through our DISTRIBUTION division we support riders across Canada and USA thanks to the different brands we carry. Below, you will find all the Jagger Co. athletes and the brands they proudly represent, either throught BMX Freestyle or BMX Race. These high performance athletes also travel across North America and Europe to take part in competitions and events.


Furthermore, we proudly run a STUNT SHOWS division and we contract many others athletes in different sports such as BMX, MTB, Skateboard, Inline, Motocross (FMX), Quad and Snowmobile (Sled) to be part of these shows. These athletes do not necessarily represent our brands but they do take part in our shows. 

ROB ARMOUR, Krusher Pro Team

Rob is riding Krusher BMX parts and protection. Notables tricks are Double backflip, Front no hands and all the footjam whip variations. From Cleveland, OH, USA.

ZEB DENNIS, Krusher Legacy Team

Zeb is riding Krusher BMX helmets and parts. DOB March 13th 1986. From Chatsworth, ON.

JEAN CONTRERAS, Krusher International Team

Jean is riding Krusher BMX parts. From Chili.


Guillermo is riding Krusher BMX parts. From Chili.

ARNAUD RICHER, Krusher Flow Team

Arnaud is riding Krusher BMX helmets and parts. From Montreal, QC.

DYLAN MORRISON, Krusher Flow Team

Dylan is riding Krusher parts DK frame and fork. Notables tricks 360 tailwhip, 720, superman seatgrab. From Markham, ON.

CARLOS DELEON, Krusher Flow Team

Carlos is riding Krusher BMX helmets and parts. Notables tricks are 360 triple bar. From Montreal, QC. 

SARAH DINEL, Krusher Flow Team

Sarah is riding Krusher BMX helmet and Parts. From QC, Quebec.

GABE TRUAX, MacNeil Pro Team

Gabe is riding MacNeil BMX frame, fork and parts. From Dundas Ontario.

BRADEN BECK, MacNeil Pro Team

Braden is riding MacNeil BMX frame, fork and parts. Favorites tricks are Sliders, fakies, wallrides, Icepicks. DOB November 9th 1993. From Saskatoon, SK. * Photos Brayden Elliot.

CHAD FERCH, MacNeil Flow Team

Chad is riding a MacNeil BMX frame and limited parts. Age: 23 Height: 5 11” Hometown: Prince George, BC * Photos Taylor Stos & Reagan Miller.

TRAVIS SEXSMITH, MacNeil Legacy Team

Travis is riding a MacNeil BMX fork and limited parts. Hometown: BC.

GABY MALENFANT, Canada Pro rider

Gaby is riding for Box &, Fly racing. He rep Box parts, Fly helmet & gear. Good at winning BMX races and big jumps. From Drummondville, QC. * Photos Jean-Yves Caron.


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